Monthly Reading Companions that help your kid build a habit of reading.

Monthly Reading Companions Delivered to your kid.

Badge Books are interactive reading companions sent monthly by mail to your child. Each book contains a special reading challenge designed to motivate kids to read by connecting them to a set of reading goals

The books work hand-in-hand with our free Beanstack Mobile App available on Android and iOS. As your child tracks reading in the app, s/he unlocks badges which match the stickers and activities in the Badge Book.

Cool Themes.

Badge books come in a variety of themes. With your subscription you wil recieve a bundle of six books twice a year with currated themes that will make your child excited to read!

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    Take a look inside.

    1. Easy guide on where to place badges.
    2. Spiral binding so your child can lay the book flat.
    3. Interactive games to keep them focused.
    4. Family accounts that can switch between readers.
    5. A quick way to scan each book's barcode to keep a log of all your reading.
    6. Reading challenges and learning activities added regularly.

    How It Works.

    Subscribe and during every month your child will receive a Badge Book on his/her doorstep.

    • Receive a Badge Book Each Month

      A new badge book will arrive on your doorstep every months with a new themed challenge your kid is sure to love.

    • Log Reading on the Mobile App

      Scan each time you read a book, record minutes, and track progress on reading challenge goals.

    • Build a Habit of Reading

      As your kid reaches reading goals, they get rewarded with stickers and activities in the Badge Book.

    Who Benefits from Badge Books?

    Badge Books are expertly designed to supplement reading for kids across ages, especially kids 5-9.

    • Growing Readers

      Tracking reading, winning stickers, and completing learning activities results in more minutes spent reading.

    • Above-Level Readers

      The learning activities in the Badge Book offer the chance to dig deeper and to build new skills.

    Your kid will love the Badge Book.

    Providing everything your child needs to be motivated to read.

    • Delivered Right to Your Doorstep

      Kids love getting their regular Badge Book package in the mail and unwrapping it right on time to kick off the next reading challenge.

    • Monthly Reading Challenges

      Each themed reading challenge is designed with motivating, achievable milestones, so kids are always encouraged, never daunted.

    • Stickers & Virtual Badges

      Each reading milestone comes with digital badges and matching full-color stickers, so kids can mark their own successes and clearly see their own progress.

    • Interactive Activities

      Every Badge Book is also packed with reading-related activity pages—designed by literacy specialists.

    • Mobile App & Alexa Skill

      The Badge Book works hand-in-hand with the Beanstack mobile app and optional Alexa Skill, making it a breeze to record the time your kid spends reading.

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    Who's Behind It?

    Felix and Jordan

    Badge Books and Beanstack are both products of Zoobean, Inc.

    Zoobean was founded by Jordan, the first head of K-12 education at Google, and her husband Felix, who was previously named Washington, DC’s Teacher of the Year.

    After a feature on Shark Tank and an investment from Mark Cuban, Beanstack became the country’s premier reading challenge and tracker service. Last year, more than 2 million readers used it to boost their independent reading time