American Quilt Badge Book
American Quilt Badge Book
American Quilt Badge Book
American Quilt Badge Book
American Quilt Badge Book

American Quilt Badge Book

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The American Quilt Badge Book will spark inspiration in any child!

  • Explore the heritage, culture, and community that make us Americans. Family tree, immigrant stories, musical mixing, museum prompts, hero cards, and more.
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Every Badge Book covers two months or more of reading, and syncs with two nationwide reading challenges. Each Badge Book includes:

Free Access to the Beanstack Mobile App & Alexa Skill

Unlimited access to the Beanstack mobile app and optional Alexa Skill make it easy to track each member of your family's reading. The Badge Book bundle provides a half-year of access.

100+ Stickers

Every reading milestone your child hits unlocks a digital level-up prize, with a big Badge Book sticker to match. Plus, daily reader and hot streak stickers so your child earns a reward for every day they read.

Evergreen Reading Challenges

Participate in themed reading challenges that never expire. Complete with custom goals, activities, and rewards.

Award Certificates 

One for each Challenge, plus a guest log for grownups’ praise

Learning Activities

Complete writing prompts, outdoor activities, word games, drawings, and more—created by literacy experts, and inspired by your kid’s favorite themes, characters, and scenes. 

Reading Log and History

Your family keeps a digital history of their reading—complete with book cover art— that lasts a lifetime.

Bold New Booklist

Dozens of recommended titles, hand-picked by our staff librarians and sorted by age range.

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