Summer Badge Book: Bilingual Edition
Summer Badge Book: Bilingual Edition
Summer Badge Book: Bilingual Edition
Summer Badge Book: Bilingual Edition
Summer Badge Book: Bilingual Edition
Summer Badge Book: Bilingual Edition
Summer Badge Book: Bilingual Edition
Summer Badge Book: Bilingual Edition

Engage more kids and families with the Summer Badge Book

$2.99 / book + Free Shipping
Summer Badge Book is a bilingual reading log and calendar that is designed to match your school or library’s Summer 2023 reading challenge theme. As families track their reading on the Beanstack web and mobile apps, kids (ages 5-10) earn badges matched to stickers in the book. The Summer Badge Book is bound in a durable, coated softcover, with a lay-flat binding that makes writing and drawing easy. The book includes reading logs, activities, and tons of stickers, and will last all summer long.
Minimum Quantity Maximum Quantity Price Per Book (Free Shipping)
25 - $2.99

The Summer Bestseller, Back in an All-New Edition for 2023

In the two years since summer Badge Books launched, more than 500 libraries have distributed more than 160,000 Badge Books as companions to their summer reading challenge, and loved the results. The first two editions both sold out by January.

Badge Book is Now Bilingual

The #1 request we've heard from libraries and schools has been for a dual-language version, so we’re delivering. For 2023, Badge Book now includes both English and Spanish, so that your summer reading challenge can connect with even more families in your community. This is no robo-translate job—the entire book is written with a native-Spanish, bilingual co-author.

The Summer Badge Book is designed to match your summer reading theme and to fit your budget.

Our designers hand-picked an abstract style with bright colors and simple shapes to coordinate with any summer theme. The Badges have congratulatory phrases that celebrate reading and learning whether kids are tracking minutes, books, days, activities, or any other reading challenge design using Beanstack.

By making the Badge Book one that can match any theme, we can keep the costs down — offering the product to libraries and schools at an 80% discount.

Put Your Stamp on the Cover

After a successful test run with Los Angeles Public Library, we're now able to offer customized cover art and title page for orders above 5,000 copies. You provide your logo and messaging, and we do the rest—your branding will be front and center as you hand out the books to your patrons.

How It Works

  • Easily set up—and customize—our Challenge Templates

    Our summer badge books come with a ready-to-roll matching digital template that you can customize as much as you'd like. Plus Beanstack is fully stocked with summer challenge themes from CSLP, iREAD, and more.

  • Give Badge Books to Readers

    Distribute the Badge Book to students or patrons participating in your summer reading program—they make a great prize to incentivize registration!

  • Celebrate Success

    Encourage young readers to bring their Badge Books to summer events at the library and log their reading in Beanstack so your school or library can celebrate their reading success.

  • An Exciting Registration or Raffle Prize

    As kids (ages 5-10) get started on your reading challenge, or as they reach milestones, they receive their own individual Badge Book.

  • Virtual Badges Matched to Stickers

    Kids and their families use Beanstack to track their reading and/or learning activities. They earn badges matched to stickers in the book.

  • More Stickers, Calendar, and Activities

    The Badge Book includes stickers for each day of reading from May to August. Readers can also complete fun activities included in the book.

The Badge Book gets families excited about your reading challenge — and builds a habit of reading that stays with a child for life.

Take a look inside.

  1. Easy guide on where to place badges.
  2. Lay-flat binding makes writing and drawing easy.
  3. Goals to help them along the way.
  4. Family accounts that can switch between readers.
  5. A quick way to scan each book's barcode to keep a log of all your reading.
  6. Reading challenges and learning activities added regularly.

Product Specifications

  • Durable, coated softcover
  • Lay-flat binding
  • 5.85" wide x 8" tall
  • 36 Reading Challenge and Bonus Stickers
  • 100+ Daily Reading and Streak Stickers
  • 4 monthly calendars to log reading all summer
  • 70 pages

When Do I Get It?

Our bulk printing window kicks off in October and we ship to customers in March.

Who’s Behind It?

Badge Books and Beanstack are both products of Zoobean, Inc.

Zoobean was founded by Jordan, the first head of K-12 education at Google, and her husband Felix, who was previously named Washington, DC’s Teacher of the Year. Beanstack is the #1 reading challenge software in North America, used by over 10 million readers at thousands of libraries and schools.

The three values represented in our logo – love, inclusion, and awesomeness – are at the “heart” of all we do.

Have Questions?

Get in touch with us and we’ll show you how you can use the Summer Badge Book in your community.

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